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Wp Reset – The Swiss Army Knife for any serious WordPress user

Many will have happened to install wordpress with a few too many plugins. Everything seems to be quiet but at some point in the frontend something unexpected happens: Error 500, error 403 or worse 404. For many, an understandable language, and finding an interpreter will cost you.

But everything under control, just uninstall this plugin that I installed or that theme, and everything will return as before.

 Unfortunately this is not the case, the site is nailed down, and you don’t know where to get your hands. Then call your trusted developer, pay him the working hours and he will be able to restore your site MAYBE without any loss of data, and in any case with a certain loss of time and potential profit for you. In fact, uninstalling a plugin is often not enough, but you have to go deeper.

Well, I say with pleasure that thanks to a plugin you can also “save” the cabin and in a few clicks have the site again exactly as you left it before combining the disaster!

Developed by WebFactory LTD a software house with over 10 years of experience in the development of themes, plugins and addons for WP, and over 1 million users who use their software, it is truly a piece of software that is destined to be talked about if . Here it is to you in all its splendor, but will it really be so? Let’s see what it is and how it can be useful to us. Drum roll, enters the scene:

wp reset logo

Wp Reset is an advanced plugin that will allow you, through various tools, to go to restore your site (or your sites) at various levels by surgically working to decide which data to restore and to what extent to put your site back on its feet. It is NOT a traditional backup tool. Wp reset is in fact composed of various “sections” that deal with intervening on the site according to your needs.

 The principle is simple, the plugin creates a SNAPSHOT (Instant image) of your site when it is before you install a new plugin or intervene with an update and make a backup of the tables of the Database, when you have the need to “go back” to that phase of the site where you were before the installation, perhaps of a plugin that caused you a problem, to selectively recall only the changes that interest you.

Then there is the real RESET of the Site. Indeed, there are 3 types of RESET that you can access, and in the FREE plan, although you can “save” the site, the plugin will also eliminate much of the data that you had, so it should be used with extreme caution. Carrying out a SITE RESET is however a procedure that will partly save you, in part will make you lose information, but if you want a RESET you are certainly aware of what you are doing.

 The first step to using WP reset is therefore to create a SNAPSHOT of the site in the current situation in which everything works, and then go to restore when something goes wrong, it is a sort of “time machine” for sites in WP. But it does not end here, in the paid PRO version you will have the opportunity to go to intervene while safeguarding your data even more while keeping more information as the RESET you can choose will be more expanded and therefore more complete.

If you are also a developer you will also have access to the COLLECTIONS. The collections allow you to create real “SETS” of plugins that, with a few clicks, will allow you to install Themes and plugins on a new site without having to re-insert licenses and without having to reconfigure them from scratch, making this tedious operation quick and painless. Think, for example, of creating collections for based on Elementor, on Oxygen, or with a theme more than another on which to then go on to mount different plugins depending on your customer. In short, the potential is truly innumerable.

There is also a section called TOOL (tools) where you can go to intervene selectively on Widgets, Plugins and themes, Cache, contents or even install another version of WordPress. The most interesting functions, however, are linked to the paid PRO plan.

Personally, I am really satisfied with the tests I carried out with WP RESET and I would recommend it in the paid PRO version, as there is also space included in their cloud and the SNAPSHOT procedures are for example programmable automatically, it is like putting the your site on autopilot which, in the event of an accident, can get you back to that second before everything happened and as if by magic, restore the site to its original condition.

I advise you, if interested, to READ HERE THEIR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – FAQ where it clearly explains everything that WPRESET can do and what it cannot do for you. Also on their youtube channel there are explanatory videos about it that I recommend you to view to understand even more how the procedures connected to this powerful tool work