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Digital Design – Create Ecommerce Product Images that Sells Quick and Fast

Often the “dress does not make the monk” (not the best translation of a typical italian motto), but when it comes to selling, then things change and quite a lot. Many times having a photo of a presentable product that is well integrated with the image that you want to give about your company or at a product level is crucial for making a successful sale.

There are several factors to consider and universal design principles, such as color harmony for example, the font to be used, and the proportions between the elements that will make up the final design.

But if I have to sell a product that will have for example the seasonality of 3 months and then it will no longer be available, is it still worth investing a lot of time and money for a low price product? It’s not always the best choice, in sucha case speed combined with a good final yield is what is the best compromise. But it still have to be a quality work. Everyone is able to order a super picture by a professional photographer that will then work ou photoshop for 100$. The hard is to get a great results below 10$ per picture.

I will show you how, working from a studio base with lights and basic setup + Digital SLR and a quick post production i was able to create a product that is ready to be sold on the online catalog and at the same time used on social media as a promo .

The experience gained during more than 20 years into the ecommerce business allows us to work quickly and effectively to deliver the desired results. The style choices are something that we always decide with the customer also based on the image he wants to achieve. 

Be sure that Showcasing a product enhancing its strengths will result in more sales.

Foto da Studio Post Produzione