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Bio – My Consultant and Digtal Growth

All starts back in 1978

That is the date I was born, and there is not much to say so far. I remember riding the IT revolution starting from the legendary VIC20 …. the Cartridges to Play, the Basic, the first approach to programming, but above all let’s say it, to computer games. One above all THIS. Really well done and that created the right motivations to learn the topic.

Click on the image of Lato if you have had it too ….. I have a surprise that will make you excited!

After some time inevitably the transition to some console to play with what were the arcades from “playable” from home, in short, a truly unmissable opportunity and a break from something that seemed a little too complex. Better put a cartridge and play ……. but something was coming …. Do you know what BBS are? I saw films in which a telephone was connected somewhere and connected to phantom databases and I thought …. How cool …. maybe you can really do it? It could be done. Ops.

IBM PC 5150

My first Digital Disasters

A nice IBM PC finally. Thanks to my father, who, as a “coupon” and “football pools” player, had immediately understood the potential of computer systems, to such an extent that he had become an excellent system administrator. not software, but of those who make systems every week to try to win precisely in the football pools, three-of-a-kind, the race of the hares etc. etc. Nothing so extreme … joke. But this was the opportunity to start getting our hands on something more advanced and advanced, I would have been around 10 years or so, and I remember how the transition from “cassettes” and “cartridges” to diskettes was something absolutely innovative. If it were not that I started experimenting with various commands such as Format, Fdisk, etc. etc. In addition, more or less bi-weekly, I reset the PC, called my father’s friend who had sold it to him and, apologizing, I asked him to re-install everything. He was always very kind, I increasingly fascinated by that machine, my father less and less happy, even if I destroyed it by deleting files, directories, making tests … and restores, I am sure that he already understood the possibility that tomorrow maybe he could become a job. Or even not.

The WWW is born

The short passage to the Amiga, and then back to PC. Small floppy disks this time, of those that to be protected from the copy you had to pay attention to the tab on the back, otherwise you risked erasing them. Websites. The first Modems. I remember that I went with a dear friend of the time to make the first internet subscription to Flashnet, one of the first private providers. The speed was 9600 bps and I remember how the first 14,400 modems were already around ….. the first pages in HTML seemed something absurd to program, and Windows started to come out, and then shortly thereafter i first modems at 28,800, which with a skillful hardware modification became 33,600 optimized. The first US Robotics, of war machines. And then the explosion, over several years, of the WWW, with myspace sites, the first chats, internet pubs and web pages where the possibility of a job in the world of information was already glimpsed.

ldp frontend oscommerce current

Early Stage Ecommerce

Prima Pagina webThe first “sites” I made were actually very simple, almost informative pages, when the code was really in its infancy and was super-basic. My parents had (and still have) a shop, and I said to myself: what better opportunity to put my knowledge into practice? I bought pirated software, installed it, and when I saw that it was right for me, I convinced my father to buy it. It seemed the right thing to do, also because if they caught me then who would have told my parents that I had made a mess? So I started seeing some javascript and php. After some time the first orders began to arrive, and I was very satisfied, as my Vision had been a winner. Also, given that we had products to sell online, what better opportunity (2) to make my father buy a digital machine? I remember that the power supply was like a stove, the high cost, and the bad resolution. But in my eyes it was a jewel of technology. That allowed me to bring up a modern and updated ecommerce, and to learn to use Photoshop.

What do you Need?

Although we were already ahead, my parents saw that I had potential in the computer world and especially my mother pushed me towards the profession of programmer, forcing me to do several interviews, in reality I wanted to develop for myself and not throw myself headlong into companies that maybe they would have grown, but limited in my curiosity and desire to explore the computer world. My father understood this and in fact encouraged me to bring up what I thought useful and necessary within our company (it had grown, at least in numbers, but not in staff). So he decided to buy a nice cutting and printing plotter to make me learn to use vector graphics programs like Corel Draw and AI. But how could I learn? I had to take courses. But I also had to work and study, and the courses cost a lot. However, thanks to the fact that all the software was in English, I had acquired a good command of the language, which I always liked. And again: what better opportunity (3) to buy nice manuals and practice! Furthermore, when we had to make flyers, business cards and other things, he would say to me “well, if you can make them do it yourself, if you don’t have copy ideas at the beginning, so you learn and you don’t have to pay another to get them”. Now, I will certainly not be the best graphic designer, but I am quite good at copying, and on cost cutting I have become a phenomenon.

"Do Something Great! Do it NOW!"

I could go on, but in summary what was initially a passion, an interest, then became a job too. Did an appliance break? Let’s see if I can fix it. Do I have to buy a PC? I assemble it myself.

I have combined many hours of study, certifications like Google Ad specialist, and I manage Ads campaigns on various platforms. I develop sites, but above all I can intervene on pre-existing situations by integrating with your current staff in the search for solutions and optimizations, offering a definitely alternative point of view.

Of course, I had “teachers”, friends, professionals, people with whom I confronted myself and who made me grow in what I can do today. I did not improvise, and I made mistakes, found solutions and still is so.

The experience gained in the field has allowed me to really understand what it means to start from the bottom in order to create an Ecommerce, a site, a design, a PC, or simply get out of a problem that may seem impossible, but that with commitment and strength of will, on the other hand, is often surmountable.

The mental attitude is important, and in this I consider myself lucky, because I have always had beautiful and positive people close by who have valued me, over time I learned to turn away those who are negative for my being.

Fortunately, you never stop learning.

Today I can finally afford to help those who have problems in the digital and web as well as having a totally different activity that always provides me with a solid base where I can implement new technologies and strategies.

I therefore decided to dedicate even more time to my digital passion and I am happy to be able to help Professionals, SMEs and all those who feel they want to know and know, through my page and my services. What I can guarantee is that my efficiency, speed and problem solving skills combined with the skills I have developed allow me to respond quickly and to bring reliable and measurable results.